“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think” – Margaret Mead

Our little team just loves this time of year!! Stores are full of all kinds of pencils, notebooks and crayons, days are getting shorter and the leaves starts to fall of trees. It's September, another start of new school year. Every year, millions of children, around the globe, step into the world of knowledge and education and that's a perfect time to start telling them about all those trees destroyed in order to become an essential part of their school supplies such as pencils and notebooks. Remind them that recycled paper is just as good as the new one! Tell them stories about importance of trees in our everyday life and why air is so much cleaner and healthier in villages than in the cities.

Tell them to pay attention where they dispose garbage and let them know that, even they won’t see it right away, Mother Earth will be so much grateful one day. Teach them the fact that we have been borrowing this space from generation to generation with the sincere hope our descendants will enjoy in it as much as we do. And after all, tell them that school is going to be the greatest time of their lives and remind them every day on the famous proverb that says "when you learn, you grow". Enjoy these last days of summer, autumn is coming, and how we heard, it's going to be rainy.

Fun fact 06: In Serbia school year starts on September the 1st, but in Australia, it starts in January! Crazy, right? 🙂

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