Catching the Focus – Attica adventure

Our team didn’t fall asleep, it just took a little break, focused and continue to dream. After a great brainstorming on Zlatibor mountain, during a few days working-parade trip in September, Zeljko couldn’t deny his friend’s Pedja’s call for “Greece adventure”.

I knew in advance that the adventure would be expected in the real sense of the word. The invitation to visit several wineries in the region of Attica, which Athens belongs to, sounded like a great proposal from the beginning. In advance, I knew that brainstorming sessions, exchange of opinions and, above all, opportunities for traveling are inevitable parts of life of our team.

Greece is bounded by three seas – the Ionian on the west, the Mediterranean to the south and the Aegean on the east. A great country especially known for history, for tourism, in modern age, and it’s climate which is known as – the bright sun, the blue sky and the air – clean, fresh and dry.

Our main destination was Voula, southern suburb of Athens –  famous city of Goddess Athena, one of the most ancient cities of Europe (inhabited before 3.000 BC), with a brilliant and glorious history.

Still the old hospitality of the Greeks is extended to visitors and there is always the warm smile, the hot sun, the blue sky and even bluer sea to emphasize the proud welcome of Greece to her guests.

We especially felt this hospitality visiting winery in the region of Attica. There are many variants of white wine but about that part of trip, you should visit my friend’s blog “Vinske ture”.

As a crown of the journey we left a visit to the famous Acropolis – a hill that is a butte of coarse semi crystalline limestone, a natural fortification of about 156m height above the sea level, and located in the center of the city. No matter where you may be in, the Acropolis is never far from sight.

The finest building of the Acropolis, the largest and most outstanding perfect architectural and artistic achievement is the Parthenon, home of the Virgin, a temple dedicated to the Goddess of Athena.

Fan fact 07: Travel definitely can make brainstorming much more efficient. Until the next time, we’re getting to work 😃

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