Almost, but not quite…

Summer is almost over… If you are reading this from some sandy beach, far away from home and work while holding an ice cold cocktail, we salute you!

Our little team didn’t go anywhere far this summer. We had some short getaway weekends but only in a name of a research. And we don’t complain! Sometimes, the best things in life are just around the corner. We found out that you can enjoy while working and not leaving your city for example.

If you didn’t so far, go to that city pool near your house. Visit one of many river beaches around. You don’t have to go far and spend a lot of money on those popular sea destinations! Discover your country, help your own natural resorts live! You won’t regret it, we promise. All you need is google maps and some imagination. Go and have fun! 🙂 Like we said, summer is ALMOST over!

Fun fact 05: It’s Begečka Jama and it’s just around corner 🙂 Beautiful, right?!

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