We are a team of young dreamers, currently living in Novi Sad, Serbia. When we are not dreaming of better and greener future, we are thinking about what could we do next for our Mother Earth.

Meet the Team

Zeljko and Jelena have known each other for a long time, and have been in the team for nearly as long. They solve problems with effective communication. This is our first start-up. We can do this!


Željko Štrbac

CEO, Dreamer

Željko is creative, optimistic, responsible and collaborative coworker, mastermind in every possible way for this team.


Jelena Vukajlović

Marketing Manager, Dreamer

Jelena is artistic, passionate, thoughtful and hard-working, ready to learn new skills every day.

Next Steps...

Together, we are a dream team for every situation. Let us dream together and turn some dreams into reality.